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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People Dealing With Victims Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Workplace Bullying Negotiate Anything Teambuilding Leadership Workshop Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills   Dealing With Victims This course is designed specifically for people working in any industry in which they are required to interact with victims. Specifically, this course is applicable to the insurance industry, victim services groups and any other occupation in which their primary function is to interact with victims. Note: This course is accredited through the Alberta Insurance Council as a 7.5-hour credit course. This course can be structured to be delivered as any length from a  4-hour interactive training session to a full 8-hour day. The full day session contains the following material while the shorter presentations are tailored to contain components from the course of specific interest to the client. Introduction - “Dealing with Victims” Perceptions How individual perceptions affect victim responses The Victim Mindset The Crisis State Commonality of Emotions Gathering information from Victims Paraphrasing Labelling Emotions Active Listening Skills Managing Emotions Those we typically encounter in others Those we experience in ourselves Differentiating between professional language and natural language Delivering bad news Preparation for delivery Techniques to lessen the impact Managing ensuing emotions Statement Taking Taking verbal statements from Victims Taking written statements from Victims Pure version statements versus edited statements Evaluating reliability of information Body language indicators Statement analysis of both verbal and written statements Listening to, and trusting your “instincts Interviewing strategies Confirmation of information from presumably truthful person Confrontation strategies for the suspected deceitful person Theme development Handling denials