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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People Dealing With Victims Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Workplace Bullying Negotiate Anything Teambuilding Leadership Workshop Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills   Negotiate Anything Any human interaction in which at least one of the parties has an “agenda” can be considered a “negotiation”. We negotiate every day in situations; either business-related or in our personal situations. Not all negotiations are limited to boardroom situations. This course is structured to provide you with an insight into how you can be more effective during your everyday negotiations. You will learn how to manage the negotiation process, manage your emotions and emotions in others during your more difficult interactions. This session will provide you with a model for preparing yourself in anticipation for a negotiation and give you a structured model to follow to ensure the best results possible. This course can be structured to be delivered from a 90-minute “Lunch and Learn” session, a 4-hour interactive training session, or a full 8-hour day. The full day session contains the following material while the shorter presentations are tailored to contain components from the course of specific interest to the client. The struggle we often experience between meeting our substantive needs in the negotiation while maintaining or improving the working relationship. The impact our “mindset” and “assumptions” have on the way we interact with the other party during a negotiation. Traditional “Positional Bargaining” compared with the more effective “Interest Based Negotiation”. Strategies for “creating value” for both sides during the negotiation. Typically we believe that we must win and the other side must lose, but this portion of the workshop dispels that myth and finds ways to create a win/win solution. Introduction and explanation of a structured format Prepare for the negotiation Provide structure during the actual negotiation Provide an evaluation tool for the session debriefing Elements contained within the negotiation Alternatives Interests and Concerns Options Benchmarks Standards Commitment Strategies for dealing with aggressive and more difficult negotiators and tools for addressing that behaviour. This workshop also provides a number of interactive scenarios during the day that allow the participants an opportunity to apply the skills learned during the early stages of the workshop.