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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People Dealing With Victims Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Workplace Bullying Negotiate Anything Teambuilding Leadership Workshop Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills   Leadership Workshop This course is designed to offer a diverse menu of topics from which you can choose the areas within “leadership” that would be of most value to your organization. This training emphasizes the value of “leadership” over “management” and highlights the importance of relationships being at the core of effective leadership. This course can be structured to be delivered as any length from a 4-hour session to a full and interactive 2-day leadership workshop. By design, you can choose the areas of focus from the following list: Constructive Conflict Management Turning negative personal interactions into positive and productive experiences. Influencing Others Proven strategies for applying influence to get people to do the things we need them to do; this is all about “winning them over” and not about “winning over them”. Effective Communication Skills          Learning new strategies for communicating free of assumptions to maximize our interpersonal and business relationships. Motivation and Inspiration A review of how we, as individuals, can increase our level of inspiration and how that serves to motivate those around us. Dealing with Problem Behaviours A review of our default and sometimes ineffective strategy for managing the problem employee as well as additional tactics and verbal skills to manage them more effectively. Managing Change Understanding how change can adversely affect the workplace and how to convert that negativity into a positive and productive process. Effective Time Management Identifying our “time wasters” with a view to setting appropriate time management goals and thereby increasing our organizational effectiveness. Ethical Based Decision Making Using a series of hard hitting, workplace based ethical dilemmas to illustrate how our world is seldom black or white. Goal Setting Using the concept of SMART goal setting (Specific goal, Measurable goal, Achievable goal, Realistic goal and Timely goal) to move our leadership objectives forward.