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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People High Pressure Negotiation: Taking it to the Next Level Leadership Workshop Masterful Communications; Because Every Word Matters Influence: Gaining Voluntary Compliance Enhancing Employee Safety Through Situational Awareness Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Teambuilding Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills Workplace Bullying Enhancing Employee Safety Through Situational Awareness This keynote is designed to enhance employee safety in the workplace through the exploration of the factors that drive people toward violence. The session will offer an examination of specific behaviors of concern and how our personal intuition can be an asset. The presentation will conclude with specific considerations and suggestions to be incorporated in the unlikely event of a violent event. The session will include the following: Sources of potential violence; where it can come from Indicators of potential escalation; factors that drive people toward violence Concerning behaviors to be aware of Situational awareness and how that can enhance personal safety Intuition and how it applies to situational awareness Preparation and measures to put in place in advance of a violent event What to do if something violent happens in the workplace Learning outcome: Participants of this session will gain an understanding of the pattern of escalation; how people move toward violence. Also, people will gain an awareness of the application of situational awareness and how raising awareness can lead to a higher degree of workplace and interpersonal safety.