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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People Dealing With Victims Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Workplace Bullying Negotiate Anything Teambuilding Leadership Workshop Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills   Advanced Presentation Skills This course is designed for anyone that is required to deliver presentations, speak in public, instruct in a classroom or who just wants to develop confidence in speaking in front of others. Public speaking is said to be one of the most debilitating fears for some people, and this course will offer tips and tricks to develop your confidence in speaking, instructing or presenting. This course can be structured to be delivered as any length from a 4-hour interactive training session to a full 8-hour day. The full day session contains the following material: Preparation Preparation and subject knowledge are the key prerequisites for a successful presentation. The differences between rehearsal and memorization. Controlling the presentation environment including room configuration, lighting, use of podium and placement of screen. Introduction Creating a positive first impression and developing rapport and a connection with the audience. Principles of Adult Learning Adults want to learn; adults are interested in learning what they think might be useful; adults learn best by doing, and adults learn best in informal situations. Presentation Style Bringing the material to life by focusing on vocal, visual and verbal strategies. Connecting with the Audience Building rapport and honoring the fact that different people prefer to contribute (or not contribute) to different degrees. Appropriate Use of Humor Victimless or self-deprecating humor is encouraged, and understanding there is a difference between being humorous and “telling jokes”. Managing Nervousness How to prepare in advance to avoid nervousness and how to channel nerves into positive enthusiastic energy. Managing Time Recognizing the fact that people “check out” from a presentation that runs longer than the scheduled time. Managing Questions A strategy for managing both kinds of questions: those from the audience to the Presenter and those the Presenter asks the audience to draw out responses. Managing Disruptive Behavior Appropriately addressing counter-productive behavior from audience members. Understanding Body Language The effective Presenter is attuned to the nuances and subtle responses of the audience and is responsive to those signals. The Big Finish People are looking for a powerful take-away and the effective Presenter attempts to finsh the session with a robust Continuous Improvement In the pursuit of excellence, the elite Presenter seeks ways to gather feedback and perspective from the audience.